About us

The Taitotalo Congress Centre is run by Amicom Ltd, Business ID 0946348-2. Both the corporate event and restaurant services provider Amicon, and the vocational adult education specialist Amiedu are maintained by the Ami Foundation.

Vision of the Taitotalo Congress Centre is to be known for it’s excellent food and service. Amicom Ltd shares the same values with The Ami Foundation: effectiveness, societal responsibility, creativity and trustworthiness above all.

A dynamic staff eager to develop its professional skills stands behind each of our products and services. The aim of the Taitotalo is to provide customers with excellent service together with quality cooking, prepared only from fresh and the highest quality ingredients.

Managing director of Taitotalo Congress Centre is Timo Karkola, mailto:timo.karkola@amicom.fi or 020-7461 438 and congress manager is Saana Veckman, saana.veckman@amicom.fi or 020-7461 255

Board of directors of Amicom Ltd are Chairman, VM Harry Bogomoloff, Ami foundation’s director of administration Seppo Tammisto ja Amiedu’s director of service Nuutti Manninen and as a presenter operates Managing director Timo Karkola.