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Taitotalo is Finland’s leading vocational adult education centre, serving the educational and training needs of over 20 000 adults every year.

Taitotalo came to be when Amiedu (since 1976) and AEL (since 1922) merged in 2020.

You can improve your professional skills and know-how by attending a wide range of vocational education and training programmes, certification programmes, professional courses and cutting-edge seminars. Our services feature innovative content and a range of learning methods. Taitotalo training programmes are conducted mainly in Finnish.


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Taitotalo is Finlands leading vocational education centre


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Ecological sustainability promises of Taitotalo restaurants and congress centre:

Restaurants Variantti, Picante and congress centre have defined and comited to these enviromental sustainability promises:

  • Level of domestic use of fresh meat (chicken, meat, minced meat) is minimum of 80%
  • Daily use of seasonal ingredients according to season calendar
  • At least one warm vegetarian option every day. Vegan version also available
  • Sustainable fish. We always follow WWF’s Fish guide and only serve MSC- or ASC-certified fish and seafood


Yhteystiedot | Taitotalo


 Laskutus | Taitotalo

Billing reference: Cost centre 8351 for Variantti, Talentti and congress centre.
Cost centre 8353 for Picante